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Join the Neighborhood, our most committed group of Lakeshore Habitat supporters! These dedicated monthly donors work together to build homes, communities, and hope.

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Your Impact

Your monthly recurring gift of any size helps us build homes. Here's what your monthly gift could buy over the course of a year!

Over the course of one year.

A Hand Up
By joining The Neighborhood, you give local families a hand up—not a hand out.

  • You are providing a hand up to a family in our community.

  • You are providing a stable foundation on which a family can grow.

  • You are helping a family move from poverty housing into their own home.

  • You are helping families move from surviving to thriving in our community.



What to Expect

We want you to feel connected in The Neighborhood and the community that it is building. Here’s what you can expect when you join:

  • Exclusive monthly emails with updates on our ministry and build sites. See your donations in action!

  • Access to quarterly shareholder meetings where you can meet with our staff to discuss current projects.

  • A welcome package with a ticket you can use to come tour a build site.

Ready to Move Into The Neighborhood?

The Neighborhood is made up of generous and passionate people like you from throughout the Lakeshore region. Join today and become part of the community that is building a better future for our region!



“The human capital of people in Holland is incredible. The kindness, courtesty, and hospitality attest to the values of Holland and its people. For the opportunity for a home here, we are immensely grateful!” 

— Rodriguez-Matos Family, Habitat Homeowner